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My name is Chris Manning and as the Owner/Manager of Public Awareness Campaign I would like to welcome you!

The purpose of this Public Awareness Campaign portal is to provide advanced PR and Campaign Awareness Services to non-profits that are looking to deploy meaningful Public Awareness Campaigns that integrate well into their business processes.

The advanced strategies used by our team are centered around Public Awareness best practices and emerging technologies which more effectively create local, statewide, and national awareness.

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If you require assistance with a Public Awareness Campaign please feel free to call me directly at 404-941-6601 to discuss your requirements.

Public Awareness Campaign PR Strategies

Public Awareness Campaign PR Strategies

Public Awareness Campaign Public Relations (PACPR) is defined by our group as the effective practice of managing communications between your organization and the public you are trying to educate and/or provide awareness to.

With outdated PR strategies it is difficult to run and track the effectiveness of an Awareness Campaign. The end result is that you will feel like every time you run a Public Awareness Campaign you are having to “reinvent the wheel from scratch every time”.

At PublicAwarenessCampaign.com we say that it is as simple as this:

“Change how you are running your Public Awareness Campaigns
and you will see a change in your Campaign results!”

If you have a question about how you can do this with an existing or future campaign simply fill out the short form above, click here to contact us while providing additional campaign details or give us a call at 404-941-6601 and we would be happy to help!


The following services are a few examples of components that we can create and manage for your Public Awareness Campaign:

Public Awareness Campaign Digital Strategies

In addition to these Public Awareness Campaign services we have a whole host of à la carte services to help you to reach your campaign goals and we are creating other resources as well!

We are also actively working on:

  1. A Public Awareness Campaign “ToolKit” for DIY campaign administrators.
  2. A selection of forms that non-profits commonly use in their day-to-day operations to save you time and money!
  3. A variety of Public Awareness Campaign ”Campaign Style Templates” that are visual in nature and can be deployed for a variety of campaign types. This should make it easier to select local targeted, statewide or national campaign strategies.
  4. Campaign “Tips & Strategies” that are tried and tested in the field as an education source that will help you to improve your campaigns so that you can focus on “Building” more successful campaigns and get better at sharing your message.

If you have a question about Public Awareness Campaign strategies, development, or management feel free to give us a call at 404-941-6601 we would love to here about your successes!